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Menopause Does Not Bother AmyMenopause Does Not Bother Amy
Going through menopause is a different experience for every woman. I was determined that it would not be a very unpleasant experience for me. I had friends and family members who suffered with a number of symptoms to the point where they could not even function normally during the day. I decided to make sure that would not happen to me by taking DON’T PAUSE.

A natural supplement such as DON’T PAUSE helps to keep my menopause symptoms in check. I am able to get a good night's rest without waking up frequently due to night sweats. My hot flashes during the day are at a minimum. There are days when I do not even experience any hot flashes at all. My mood is also on an even keel, and I actually feel better now than I did before symptoms started to hit me.

DON’T PAUSE contains all natural, good ingredients and does not require a prescription. It is very easy to take and also helps to prevent brittle bones and the loss of muscle strength and mass. I feel very confident that I am doing good things for my body by taking a natural product such as DON’T PAUSE.

DON’T PAUSE Has Helped With Anne's Problems
DON’T PAUSE Has Helped With Anne's ProblemsI was suffering from extreme sweating due to menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats were all a part of it, and I was miserable. I also had other menopause symptoms, so I was determined to find something that would help me.

DON’T PAUSE is a natural product with safe and beneficial ingredients. If bouts of sweating disturb me, I take two capsules after breakfast and two more after lunch. This product helps me tremendously, and I have also found that a Neurorelax capsule at bedtime also assists me in sleeping better.

This amazing product not only helps curb my symptoms, it also helps to prevent loss of muscle strength and mass along with brittle bones. My mother had osteoporosis, and I was afraid I would follow in her footsteps. By taking DON’T PAUSE, I know that I am playing a big part in keeping my bones and muscles strong and healthy.

DON’T PAUSE has no side effects and does not require a prescription. I even see a renewed firmness in my skin, and I feel that I'm looking better now than I was before taking this product. There is no need to suffer through menopause when DON’T PAUSE will help.

Maria Counts On DON’T PAUSE For HelpMaria Counts On DON’T PAUSE For Help
When I began experiencing a number of menopause symptoms, I didn't know what to expect. I was dealing with hot flashes, a very common problem with menopausal women. I also felt constantly fatigued, wasn't sleeping well due to night sweats, and had a myriad of other uncomfortable sensations. I wanted a natural product to help me because I did not want to worry about side effects. So I started taking DON’T PAUSE and am very happy that I did.

Within weeks, my symptoms lessened, and some of them were eliminated completely. I also learned that this product can be beneficial in preventing osteoporosis, and it can also prevent the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. These were all added benefits that made me even more grateful to be using such an amazing product.

DON’T PAUSE contains all natural ingredients that I can feel confident in taking, knowing I will not suffer from side effects. My skin has also shown signs of improvement, and I've received compliments from family members and friends about how good I look.

Menopause has not turned out to be the beast that I thought it would be, and I owe it all to DON’T PAUSE.

Michele Benefits in Many Ways from DON’T PAUSE
Michele Benefits in Many Ways from DON’T PAUSEMenopause symptoms were not going to take over my life, I was certain of that. I wanted to find a natural way to handle my hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, depression, heart palpitations and digestive upsets. After all, there is much that life has to offer, and I want to take part in everything.

DON’T PAUSE is a 100% natural product that I was able to get very easily online. I didn’t need a doctor’s prescription, saving me a trip to the doctor’s office. I feel good about putting natural ingredients into my body that will not give me any side effects.

But does it work? You bet it does. I find myself feeling much better since I started taking DON’T PAUSE. I know that I am also helping to prevent osteoporosis. Even vaginal dryness, which was starting to become a problem, is lessening, helping to increase my sex drive.

DON’T PAUSE is so beneficial that my skin has received benefits as well. I notice that any wrinkling I had before is now less pronounced, and my face actually looks younger. I look and feel better than I did before I entered menopause. Who can ask for more than that?

Ginny Has Found the Help She Needs
Ginny Has Found the Help She NeedsI had problems with mood swings and hot flashes that seemed to plague me once I began menopause. I started taking a natural product called DON’T PAUSE, and now I feel much better. My symptoms have lessened greatly.

DON’T PAUSE contains safe ingredients that are 100% natural. I feel confident when I take the required dose because I know I will get help for my symptoms naturally. I never worry about side effects, and DON’T PAUSE can be obtained very easily without a doctor’s prescription.

I also feel confident about the fact that DON’T PAUSE can help to prevent brittle bones. It reduces the chance of muscle loss and weakness. I have even seen a difference in my skin. I would swear that it looks smoother and more youthful, and I certainly won’t complain about that.

I have a friend who suffered with bouts of heavy sweating that would leave her soaked and feeling drained. She also felt depressed a good bit of the time. I told her about DON’T PAUSE, and she has found that it helps. She takes two capsules after breakfast and two after lunch.

DON’T PAUSE has been a life-saver for me and for my friend.

DON’T PAUSE Has Saved Lori from Menopause Symptoms

DON’T PAUSE Has Saved Lori from Menopause SymptomsI was living daily with menopause symptoms that would increase and decrease in severity. It was getting extremely frustrating for me, because I could never make plans due to the fact that I didn’t know how I would be feeling. I felt like my life was on hold.

A friend gave me the gift of DON’T PAUSE on my birthday, and it turned out to be the best gift I’ve ever received. It only takes two capsules a day to help me feel good. I have noticed a lessening of hot flashes and night sweats, and I am now able to sleep through the night. This was impossible for me before.

I am now much easier to live with, as my husband will testify. My moodiness has decreased to the point where I am almost back to my old self. Even my sex drive is returning, and I attribute this to the fact that vaginal dryness is no longer a problem.

By taking DON’T PAUSE every day, I am finding that menopause is not the beast that I was afraid it would be. I am now a firm believer in this product and intend to tell my friends about it.

Allie Likes How She Feels with DON’T PAUSE

Allie Likes How She Feels with DON’T PAUSEMenopause can be a troubling time, or so I heard from a number of friends and relatives before I started to experience my own symptoms. Once hot flashes, mood swings and depression hit me, I began to worry about how severe these symptoms might become. Unfortunately, I also started to get other feelings as well, such as anxiety, inability to sleep, memory loss and itchy skin. One of my relatives advised me to take DON’T PAUSE and told me that she was having wonderful results with it. I didn’t think I had anything to lose but my symptoms, so I was willing to try it.

Well, DON’T PAUSE has been great for me. I feel like myself again, and I look even better than I did before due to a smoothness of my facial skin that I never had. I was pleased to learn that DON’T PAUSE can help with osteoporosis. My mother had it, and I definitely had fears that I would follow in her footsteps.

DON’T PAUSE is 100% natural and safe to take. I don’t need a doctor’s prescription. I am so thankful that I found a product that is completely natural and helps me so much.

DON’T PAUSE Works Wonders For Michelle

DON’T PAUSE Works Wonders For MichelleMenopause symptoms started for me when I was about 45. They increased in intensity and became quite uncomfortable for me. I would get hot flashes out of nowhere, found myself unable to sleep, and was starting to get extremely grouchy with everyone. I noticed that I was also putting on weight and was having a hard time concentrating and remembering things.

I decided to buy DON’T PAUSE, a natural product that a few of my close friends were using for menopause symptoms. I actually started to feel better after about two weeks. I take two capsules a day, without fail, and my menopause symptoms have started to diminish.

DON’T PAUSE contains 100% natural ingredients, such as green tea and pomegranate. I’ve heard a lot of good things about these substances. I don’t need a physician’s prescription to use DON’T PAUSE, either. This product can help stop brittle bones from developing, and I notice that my muscle strength has improved. I have even managed to drop the few extra pounds I was putting on around my waist.  

I’ve been very well pleased with the results I have received from taking DON’T PAUSE and intend to tell others about this beneficial product.

DON’T PAUSE Has Melody Singing A Happy Tune

DON’T PAUSE Has Melody Singing A Happy TuneI dealt with menopause symptoms for about a month before I started looking for a natural way to help myself. I was tired of getting night sweats and feeling so uncomfortable with hot flashes. It was also a hassle being so moody all the time and snapping at everyone around me. I noticed that I was experiencing depression as well, and I’m usually a happy person. I knew that I had to do something.

I started taking DON’T PAUSE. I really didn’t know what would happen, but I was willing to give it a try because I couldn’t stand the way I felt. Within the first weeks, I noticed my symptoms lessening. I actually was feeling like myself again. My skin also improved, taking on a firmer texture that helped me to look and feel younger.  

I also learned that DON’T PAUSE can help prevent loss of muscle and bone. This is fine with me, as I often worry about developing osteoporosis and becoming weaker in muscle tone. By taking one or two capsules daily, I am able to attend to my daily activities without suffering through symptoms that used to bother me greatly. DON’T PAUSE certainly works for me.

Tania is Now Using DON’T PAUSE for her Menopause Symptoms

Tania is Now Using DON’T PAUSE for her Menopause SymptomsI have found a great way to deal with menopause symptoms such as profuse sweating, vaginal dryness, anxiety and moodiness. I have been taking a product called DON’T PAUSE with natural ingredients (such as) like green tea and pomegranate extract. This product is safe and does not require a prescription from the doctor. It has also helped me to feel better.

One amazing thing I have noticed besides a lessening of my menopause symptoms is that I look better, too. When I was applying my makeup the other day, I noticed that my skin seemed firmer, and I couldn’t see the wrinkles that were more prominent before. I was so pleased to see an improvement in my skin, and I know it must be due to DON’T PAUSE as I haven’t changed anything in my skin care routine.

I also learned that this product can help (to) prevent brittle bones, and muscle mass and strength can benefit as well. I have found a natural product that seems to be helping me in a number of ways, and I couldn’t be more pleased. DON’T PAUSE has been a blessing for me, and I know it can also help other women.



Cynthia is Happy She is Using DON’T PAUSE

Cynthia is Happy She is Using DON’T PAUSEI have a busy lifestyle, and I didn’t want my daily schedule hindered by menopause symptoms. I was also concerned about side effects. I need to feel alert and energetic when I attend to my job and my family. So I decided to try a product with natural ingredients to see if I would find help with my hot flashes, loss of concentration and energy, weight gain and sleep problems.

I was fortunate to find a product that works very well for me with my first purchase. DON’T PAUSE contains green tea, chromium picolinate and pomegranate extract. I’ve heard many good things about these ingredients, and they have been very helpful in lessening my symptoms. I have even been able to drop some of the unwanted pounds that snuck up on me.

I feel better, and I also like what I see when I catch my reflection. My skin is firmer since I’ve started taking DON’T PAUSE. Even a few of my closest friends have commented on it. I also am not as concerned about osteoporosis as I was previously, because DON’T PAUSE can help to prevent it. This product has turned out to be quite a find for me.